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When two hit men kidnap Jeff, an aspiring actor whose father put him up as collateral for an unpaid gambling debt, his life depends on the kindness of strangers… who want him dead.

HEADSHOTS is a black comedy that pokes fun at Los Angeles, the film industry, and the notion that when it comes to movies, everyone’s a critic. When two hitmen kidnap an aspiring actor whose father put him up as collateral for an unpaid gambling debt, his life depends on the kindness of strangers… who want him dead.

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As a native New Yorker, I view Los Angeles with a cynical eye, and HEADSHOTS is deeply reflective of my personal experience as an outsider in LA trying to find a balance in the art and commerce of the film industry. I’m a fan of action films, which I feel are not frequently enough represented at major festivals, even though they historically genre films form the cornerstone of American cinema–we like to wrap our personal stories with a melodramatic cloak of kidnappings, explosions, serial killers, and drug cartels. Think of Sidney Lumet’s DOG DAY AFTERNOON, or John McTiernan’s DIE HARD; both deeply personal films involving love, family, gender identity–and hostage situations. However as Hollywood has grown away from an artistic, risk-taking business into a more conglomerated corporate business, genre films have become depersonalized, VFX driven rather than character driven.

I am passionate about creating an action film that is both artistically sound and enjoyable by a diverse audience, much like the RAID films of Gareth Evans, which have played at both Sundance and SXSW.


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THAT GUY DICK MILLER to open the 2014 SXSW Film Festival

THAT GUY DICK MILLER, which I’ve been shooting and co-producing since Summer 2011 is going to make its world premiere at the 2014 SXSW Film Festival. I couldn’t be more proud of this film, and the whole team is very excited to be opening the festival, with our first screening at 6:00PM on March 7th. It’s been an honor to work on this project with Elijah Drenner, Lainie Miller, Jim Kunz, Stephanie Paris, and of course Dick Miller himself, a living legend we all grew up with and cherish.

PRAY WITH US: wrapped!

Just wrapped up on a great new project, PRAY WITH US, a short horror film written by and starring Mary Czerwinski, also with Manu Intiraymi and Andy Mackenzie. The film was shot by John Champion on the new Digital Bolex camera. Will be posting more information as we head into post.

8/13 CUDDLE world premiere at HollyShorts!

Very happy to announce that CUDDLE will have its world premiere at the 9th annual HollyShorts film festival! The fest takes place at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles from August 15-25th. I’m so excited to premiere the film with them, as they were kind enough to give us a preview screening of the film back in February that played very well. I can’t wait to show a polished version of the film on the big screen.

We’ve recently started a facebook page for Immature Contents. Mosey on over to check it out for all the latest updates on CUDDLE and our other projects!

CUDDLE at HollyShorts Monthly Screening Series

My short film CUDDLE was invited to have a special sneak preview at the HollyShorts Film Festival Monthly Screening Series at the ShowBiz Store and Cafe last Friday. It was completely sold out and the venue was packed beyond capacity.

Here’s a photo Lily & I took with the cast before the screening:

CUDDLE got a great reaction, there were sections where the laughter was so loud we couldn’t hear the dialogue for minutes. Lily and I gave a Q&A after the screening. It was a wonderful night, and thanks to HollyShorts for having us!